Data Storage Device - Floppy Disk (The Easy Way)




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Introduction: Data Storage Device - Floppy Disk (The Easy Way)

Need a place to store your tiny pieces of information, like passwords, PINs, etc.? A floppy disk may be the perfect place for it!

Step 1: Materials Needed

You'll need: a floppy disk, a small piece of paper, a scissor, and a pen.

Step 2: Cut Out a Piece of Paper, and Record Data.

Cut out a piece of paper slightly shorter than the length of the the plastic or metal clip on the top of the floppy disk. Make it about 1/4 the width of the disk.

Step 3: Slide Over Clip and Place Paper Inside.

Hold the plastic or metal "clip" of your floppy and slide it over, and you should see some sort of tape. Slide your piece of paper into where the tape is, and release the clip. Your data is now secure.



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    YEA YOU CAN JUST MEMORIZE IT...if you open and close the floppy, t can get damaged

    Who cares if it gets damaged!? The biggest one of these I've seen is 1.44 MB, so this is probably the most useful thing you can do with it, unless you want to carry a bunch of scripts around with you.

    I'm just waiting for someone to say
    Wait... but how does it get back onto the computer? Do I have to put it in my CD drive?

    I'd never thought of literally putting data IN the floppy disk. Genius.

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    LOL... I was thinking along very similar lines, thinking that you would put a text file on the floppy or something. Considering how little the floppy disk is actually used any more, this is a great way to use those floppies laying around. ~C

    my school said i cant use flash drives and only fkoppys and i said my computer doesnt have a floppy drive and they didnt believe me

    i would sell you mine,but i need it for the sata driver

    thanks, but its so old they dont sell them anymore

    Staples sells 10-, 25-, 40-, 50- and 100-packs! i'm probably the only reason my local Staples still carries them though.

    i didnt get it,please,can you explain it better?

    they dont sell floppy disks anymore

    oh ok

    after buying a copy of vista you can use your old sata driver disk

    The floppy is soon to be a museum piece. Too bad, they installed windows 95 on my first computer...

    really? i used a CD for windows 95

    I didn't have the luxury of a CD-ROM on my old Pony... 66MHz Pentium X-Treme FTW

    wow, 66mhz?!? mine was 166mhz! i was livin in the fast lane! lol

    Wait... but how does it get back onto the computer? Do I have to put it in my CD drive? happy??? lol someone had to say it! thought i should

     open it up and put the paper inside: then spin the disk

    Don't forget - make sure it's write protected!

    what about using the compass tip to scratch your password directly on the floppy film ? I tried a few minutes ago and it works good :) You can scratch your password or whatever on the film and then watch the film through a light to read what you just scratched ! You can write many things around the film, just turn it around to change the place. Of course you have to slide the clip to scratch the film