Date of Birth





Introduction: Date of Birth

This will show you how to display your birthday on a seven-segment display. The materials you will need are as followed:
  1. A Breadboard

  2. A breadboard companion and a 9V battery

  3. Wire(red, black, white, 3 other colors)

  4. Three HD74LS00P Integrated Circuits

  5. Two 7402 IC

  6. One 7404 IC

  7. Two 7408 IC

  8. Two 7432 IC

  9. 7 resistors 220 Ohms or an R pack(4116R LF)

  10. One 7 segment display common cathode(FND500/6780)

Step 1:

The first thing you will need to do is to make a truth table like the one above. Use your three switches: X,Y,Z or A,B,C. Write when and which segments you need to turn on to display you birthday when different switches are turned on and off.

Step 2:

Then, you will need to make a K-map for each segment of the seven-segment display. Write the outcomes you get from each segment in a grid-looking thing. You will get a word or equation from the group of ones or highs in the K-map. In the first picture in this step, the equation is below the K-map.

Step 3:

 After that, draw a circuit for each segment according to your word or equation you got from the K-map.

Step 4:

Then you will need to make each circuit in a circuit design software(I used Multisim): using three switches, power and ground, however many ICs you need(AND, OR, Invertor, NAND, NOR), a seven-segment display common cathode, and a bus line if you want, I would recommend one.

Step 5:

Finally, if your circuit works in your design software, you can start to create your giant circuit on a breadboard. After you have finished your bread boarding, test it out using your truth table.

Step 6:

 And that is how you display your birthday using a seven-segment display. Good job!! And Happy Bread Boarding!!!



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    Is your Digital Electronics Teacher making you post it on Instructables? I had to do the same project about 2 years ago but we never posted it on the internet now I am seeing several at once.

    No, me and my classmates decided to do it on Instructables.

    How does this circuit know when my birthday is?

    if you don't understand how to create a DOB circuit then I advise you to check out jalensehlhorst or mine. We know how to explain it better.