The Date of Birth Project is a breadboard circuit that displays a person's day of birth (in this case 07/21/1996).                                          Design Specifications:  1.) must be common cathode 2.) 150 ohms-270 ohms 3.) K-mapping 4.) 2 chips must be NAND 5.) 2 chips must be NOR

Step 1: Starting the Project

To begin this project you need to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into: A seven segment display is similar to a scoreboard you find at a basketball game. Each segment acts on its own depending on the word. So, this project has three switches so each switch can go off or on. Where a switch is off or on changes the number on the seven segment display. This is a quick foreshadowing of all the steps that will be forthcoming. First, you create a chart that will show a number on each line of your truth table (truth table is shown in the picture). Also, I've included all the supplies needed for this epic adventure.
I did ths project in class too

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