Introduction: David and Hongly's Machine

Picture of David and Hongly's Machine

We made a machine toy using cardboard

Step 1: Make a Plan

Picture of Make a Plan

First we make a plan for your toy

Step 2: Cut the Card Board

Picture of Cut the Card Board

We find the cardboard and we put small cardboard nearly back cardboard near the back is . We draw rectangle near the half

Step 3: Make the Hold

Picture of Make the Hold

We make the hold on the box and than we put the stick into the hold from one side to .another side and put hot glue.

Step 4: For Move

Picture of For Move

First we take wire and we cut the cardboard to circle and we put hot glue.

Step 5: We Put the Straw in Hold

Picture of We Put the Straw in Hold

First we take two straw and we put glue gun and we wait 5minute and we put the straw go in the hole.

Step 6: Put Cam

Picture of Put Cam

We take a cardboard and we cut into cam and we put the cam in straw and we take in them into the hold.

Step 7: Draw and Cut

Picture of Draw and Cut

First we draw a person and we cut and we take stick and we put glue hot on the back of a person and we put them put in the little cardboard near 10cm.

Step 8: Wine Bottle Cork

Picture of Wine Bottle Cork

First we put cork half of cork and we put stick in a half and we put a cam push bottom.

Step 9: Paint and Draw

Picture of Paint and Draw

First we draw a line and we paint now we has simple machine.

Step 10: Simple Machin

Picture of Simple Machin

Now we has simple machine the and


jomjoey (author)2013-09-18

You have used some very bright colours on your machine. I really like it!

thank you for your appreciation next time i will do like that again

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