This Halloween I carved my pumpkin to be David Bowie as Aladdin Sane. I used linoleum cutting tools to make a relief sculpture, so that the shallower the pumpkin wall is the more light passes through. I hope you like it!
love the pumpkin mate!
This makes me want to break out my " Ziggy Stardust & spiders from Mars" vinyl & listen to it. Love this idea.
that is one sexy pumpkin!
Yes.<br /> <br /> A-mazing! This definitely works any time of the year. <br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/be-ZIGGY-STARDUST-gone-SPACE-VIKING-Volume-Indica/" rel="nofollow"><br /> David Bowie instructables </a>are the best. <br /> <br /> Love your hair by the way.<br />
OMG. I love David Bowie!!! THIS IS THE COOLEST PUMPKIN EVER!!!! What do you think you carve this into make it a year round item? Mmm. Bowie.
This is life altering. I am amazed. You rock my world.
you rock my world!
Sweet carving job!!! Love the slideshow. Good work!
thank you!

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