This is a tutorial for building a sensor, that indicates day, night and light intensity.

Step 1: Materiallist & Schematics

What you need:

Power Source (USB TTL Module 3,3V OUT)


Jumper Wire

Potentiometer ( to trigger sensibility of dark sensor)

3 X LED in prefered colour


Plug all together as shown in schematics and test it.

do you mind explaining how this works? Just intrigued by the LDR in parallel with the LED and how that works
<p>Hello friend,</p><p>the dark sensor in the middle with LDR and LED works like this:</p><p>When light shines at the LDR, it lets elctricity pass through. So when the Potentiometer is adjusted right, the LDR passes electricity around the LED so it can&acute;t glow. When it&acute;s dark the LDR don&acute;t let the power through so the LED gets enough to glow.</p>
Thanks, much appreciated. I figured that must have been how it works, just wasn't sure electricity worked that way. I'm obviously still learning the basics of electronics
<p>Very nice!</p>

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