Introduction: Day Night Sun Sensor Made of Potentiometer LED LDR No Microcontroller

This is a tutorial for building a sensor, that indicates day, night and light intensity.

Step 1: Materiallist & Schematics

Picture of Materiallist & Schematics

What you need:

Power Source (USB TTL Module 3,3V OUT)


Jumper Wire

Potentiometer ( to trigger sensibility of dark sensor)

3 X LED in prefered colour


Plug all together as shown in schematics and test it.


discostu956 (author)2014-10-28

do you mind explaining how this works? Just intrigued by the LDR in parallel with the LED and how that works

bastelking (author)discostu9562014-10-29

Hello friend,

the dark sensor in the middle with LDR and LED works like this:

When light shines at the LDR, it lets elctricity pass through. So when the Potentiometer is adjusted right, the LDR passes electricity around the LED so it can´t glow. When it´s dark the LDR don´t let the power through so the LED gets enough to glow.

discostu956 (author)bastelking2014-10-29

Thanks, much appreciated. I figured that must have been how it works, just wasn't sure electricity worked that way. I'm obviously still learning the basics of electronics

seamster (author)2014-10-28

Very nice!

bastelking (author)seamster2014-10-29


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