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day of death bread
It is a traditional Mexican bread, is made once a year from November 2 to celebrate the dead
It is a bread full of symbols and tradition
It is of circular shape, representing the cycle of life and death. The ball above represents the skull or the heart
Cross-shaped strips are the bones or spill tears for the dead
Crossed bones also represent the 4 cardinal points of the Aztec calendar

we going to need

*flour 250g
* 1 egg
* 7.5 g dry yeast
*sugar 75g
* warm milk 100ml
*3 g salt
*butter 45g
*1 orange zest
1 tsp azahar Essence

to decorate sugar
make 4 pieces

Step 1: Active Your Yeast

put your yeast , 1 TBS sugar , 1 TBS warm Milk,1 TBS flour
mix and put in some warm place about 5 minutes

Step 2: Let Start the Dough

put in your mixer
all ingredients and mix until combine

Step 3: Finish Your Dough

When all is blended, add activated yeast and mix until have a nice Dough and continue mixing for 5 minutes

Step 4: Let Them Rest

put your Dough in another bowl am put a Litle bit of oil ok top t Dough ,
Cover with plastic wrap and let stand for an hour in a warm place

Step 5: Work Your Dough

1 hour later transfer your Dough to one surface with flour punch and work your Dough about 5 minutes cut in 4 parts

Step 6: Buid Your Bread

when you divide un 4 parts take about 1/6 to the every part to make the Bones AND make yor ball with the rest

Step 7: Lets. Make the Bones

To assemble the bones take 1/6 part of each of the balls, divides this part 3 and do a strip running between your fingers as seen in the picture, with two parties and one do a ball up

put over your doughs cross AND Let them rest 10 minutes ,

Step 8: Finish Your Bread

bake about 15 minutes 180°c or when you se the top nice AND gold put sugar on top and enjoy :)



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