Step 2: make skull face

1.  Thin out some white paint with water and do a white wash over the pots. Allow to dry.

2.  Sketch out your skull face with a pencil, as seen in photo above, then fill in with black paint or marker. Leave as is, or go to the next step.
<p>Thanks for the share. I needed the inspiration. </p>
<p>These are great!! </p>
wow! those are really nice! I want to do some too
I love this idea, but I have 1 problem. <br>The only time I have ever painted on terracota pots, I used craft acrylic paint. Which worked great and dried quickly and without any problems. <br> <br>But as soon as I put in my potting soil and planted my plant the pot would absorb the water. So whenever I watered my plant the paint would run all over the pot. Did you use any clear gloss or anything like that to go over the paint and keep it from running when you water the plant ? <br>Thanks !
Thanks VERY much for this ible. !!!
So pretty and easy! Great Instructable!
I agree!
I'm pretty sure the stars aligned for me to make this so quickly! I went to an arboretum yesterday with my kid and they were giving away ceramic pots. I knew exactly what to do with it! Great i'ble!
Oh hey, I've gone to the All Souls Procession every year since 2008. I <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/All-Souls-Procession-Giant-Guitar/" rel="nofollow">made this last year in memory of my Father in Law</a>.&nbsp;
Love these! I'm going to make some myself!
oh i really really love these they are wicked, :)
Those are amazing! You did a wonderful painting job :)

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