Introduction: Daybed

I built this for our family .

Step 1: Start Framing !

The size can be anything you want but we went with a standard twin size mattress. 75x39 . HOWEVER ! side note dont make this taller than your widest door way !! our day bed will forever live in this room till dismantled lol!

Step 2: Sheet Em Up !

Cut squares out of 1/4 inch ply. I used a pneumatic stapler and glue. My son helping in this last one ..

Step 3: Trim All Squares

1x4 pine 1x6 for the front .

Step 4: Trim Top

1x6 pine

Step 5: Quarter Round Goes in the Corners !

Step 6: Quarter Round Inside All Boxes

Step 7: Quarter Round Under Top and Front

Step 8: Round Over Top Edges With Router .

Step 9: Sand and Plane for Best Finish Results

Step 10: Make Your Significant Other Paint It..

Step 11: Add Ikea Mattress and Bed Set !

Step 12: And Time to Get Lazy !



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    really nice idea . Well executed . Jaylabrosse suggestion makes lots of sence .

    Yes it weighs a ton ! We put sliders on the bottom, It was supposed to have a couple of roll out drawers but never got there. Im glad you like it !

    It looks like weighs a ton though, so maybe you sell it with the house, since it doesn't fit through the doors? :)

    I was thinking a two curtain/skirt type of panels to cover the bottom front of the platform, coordinating with the cover or pillows, would give you out of sight storage and cover the unfinished base pieces. Maybe for toddler toys?

    Looks comfy, sturdy, and stylish!

    love it! would also work great for teens bedrooms. might built one day daughters room in spring and just add roll out storage underneath! would look awesome just urethane / poly

    Cool. For my first apartment, I just got enough lumber into the hatchback car to build a pallet like bed frame. Next trip was to get a futon matress. I leaned up one half on the wall for a backrest and the seat part was my bed.

    The missus must be pretty good at painting not to have any dropcloths around. It's great that the living room is the workshop. I do all the sawing and cutting in my kitchen.

    I used milk crates for my first bed frame lol! She's a great painter ,never hurts to have a wet towel close by either ; ) Cheers !