At first glance this looks like a normal clock that is missing a minute hand, but it has been designed to make it easy to adjust for daylight savings time. To set the clock an hour forwards you simply tilt it to the right and to set it back an hour you tilt it to the left, simple as that. It is a re-make of the design I found here

The clock has markings for hours, quarter hours and half hours so as you can see in the picture the time is about 8:25.

The reason the minute hand is omitted is because when the clock is adjusted as well as changing the hours by one hour it would also change the minutes by five minutes. I left the second hand on because although it will also be changed by 5 seconds when the clock is adjusted this is such an insignificant amount of time that it really makes little difference.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Stanley Knife / Box Cutter
Pair of Compasses
Pliers or snips
Glue Gun
Lathe or other means of cutting a circle

Clear 3mm  Perspex
Quartz Clock Movement & Hands
CD Jewel Case
Plantpot tray or similar thin plastic
White Spray Paint
Glossy Photo Paper & Printer

ElevenOf9, I'm a happy foh ya, and Imma gonna let you finish, but it's Daylight Saving Time.<br />
Thank you for your kind words Mr Maths, I'm pleased you pointed out the mistake I made, I do feel quite embarrassed for misspelling something on the internet.<br /> <br /> With that in mind though I think I should return the favour and suggest you edit your post to change the word &quot;foh&quot; to &quot;for&quot;, the word &quot;ya&quot; to &quot;you&quot;, I'm not sure what &quot;Imma&quot; means, the closest I can come up with is &quot;I'm&quot; and by &quot;gonna&quot; I assume you mean &quot;going to&quot;.<br />
Imma gonna does mean im going to :3 Its just what Italian bakers say &gt;_&gt;...lol
LOL!&nbsp;&nbsp;I&nbsp;was trying to find a nice way to say that it's Daylight Saving time without coming off all high and mighty.&nbsp; Then it hit me that I&nbsp;could Kanye West you.&nbsp; :)<br />
LOL<br />
I'm writing this in the joyous knowledge that Daylight Suffering Time has finished.<br /> <br /> This is a brilliant piece of ART.<br /> <br /> I sums up the chaos of the transition to and from DST.<br /> <br /> People often complain about the &quot;extra hour of sunlight fading the curtains&quot;--that may only be a joke, but you try getting kids into bed on a stinking hot night while there's still light outside.<br /> <br /> This clock looks like it has suffered some of the worst effects of DST: it looks like it's melted, and the missing hand just completes the illusion.<br /> <br /> I <strong>LOVE</strong> IT!<br />
Had you though about doing this in a way that didn't chop off the markings?<br /> <br /> L<br />
that could be done by simply extending the marking further towards the center of the face.<br />

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