My wife wanted a new fish-tank for Christmas, so I decided to make a two way light for it using white and blue LED's. I made a LED light bar out of aluminum and a power supply for it.

Step 1: LED Light Bar

I wired 5 blue LED's in with the white ones as the blue light really brings out the color in the fish. The 10 other blue lights are wired separately as a "moonlight" effect.
Make sure that your soldering iron is not set too hot, or you can burn up your LED's (I fried 3 before i realized what was happening)


46" long aluminum bar with a channel down the middle of it
20 white super-bright straw hat LED's
15 bright blue LED's
22 gauge wire, I used yellow blue and black
about 5ft of 3 conductor cable(shielded)
4 pin molex connecter with back-shell and pins
PVC heat shrink
super glue
potting compound

center punch
drill bits (various sizes)
countersink drill bit
orange sticks
razer blade(exacto knife will also work)
heat gun
wire strippers
crimp tool (for molex connector)
soldering iron (with solder and flux)
masking tape
bench vise (not required but it is handy)
cutting fluid (also not required but it allows you to cut a cleaner hole)
My wife got some new decorations, so I updated the pictures. Enjoy :)
Nice job!

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