This is my k'nex assault rifle. This my firt instructable!!!! it is not the best of guns bit it is good enough!! with 2 good elastics it can shoot 60-70ft. There is some problems with the trigger because the ram rod just pushes the trigger out of the way!! Mods to the gun are welcome and if any1 has any ideas on how to fix my trigger problems just drop me a comment

credit to hack124x768 fot the magazine

Step 1: Piece List

Parts you will need for this gun (rouhgly could be out by a few)

greeen/small: around 75
white/grey/black:39 if you want a strong gun

half circles:24
full circle:7
3D blue:12
3D purple:44
red 90degree:4
oronge ladder:22
green 4 prong:4
grey 1 prong:34
grey 2 prong:6
tan clip:9


Step 2: The Handle

Well the title explains it all!!!!!!!!!! You can add whatever handle you want but this handle suits the gun

1.make this. those are red and yellow bars btw
2.same part from other angle
3.and again
4.make this
5.put together like this
6-7-8.other angles

Step 3: The Stock

again self explanitory

1.make this
2-3-4-5.other angle

Step 4: Front of Gun

1.make this
the rest of the pictures are just other angles to help with making this

Step 5: Body of Gun

ok this is a very important part the trigger handle and hopper are conected to here

1.make this
the other pics are just the same part at other angles

Step 6: Hopper/barrol

this is what the firing pin goes into and the hopper

1.the finished part
2.what you'll make first
3.make this
4.add this on both sides
5.another picture of this part
6.now you'll make this
7.make 2 of these
8-9.just other angles
10.make this
11.another angle
12.make this
13-14.just a few other angles
15-16-17-18-19. put together like this
20-21-22.put both peices together like this

Step 7: Trigger

easy to make just follow steps

1.make this
2-3.other angles

Step 8: Put It All Together

finally almost done now all you have to do is put the thing together
Hmm do credit for that magazine... its made by hack124x768 i think so credit him on that =) just so you dont get any complaints =) good job!<br/>
thanks is it made by him ok il put that up my brother just gave the mag and told me to make a gun around it
how do you put the handle, trigger, & hopper on
looks good but that gun uses too many purple connectors
Ok thats it, im done with this trigger. No offense, but it sucks. So does anyone have any new trigger designs or am i gonna have to design my own?
i have one ill post it in a few days but right now im workin on some for the moreti by burrito master
OK, really, its been like 3 weeks! Cmon, do you have the mods or not????
ill be posting my new gun on tuesday so its the same trigger as the one on that but its not the same as the one in the slideshow
kk, and sorry for being rude there, just kinda flipped.
ok so what do you think of the new gun
Looks cool, cant wait till you post it.
Can you please post those trigger mods, it has been a week.
Ok, thanks.
cool gun but the front looks weird
Me again, can you put a clearer picture of where the rubber bands should be hooked onto and what kind of rubber bands to use. Maybe the rubber bands are in the wrong spot which reduces performance. Thanks!
First of all, I don't see a magazine on this thing.... if someone could clarify please. Also, I fixed the trigger issue! I think... The issue is that the trigger slides off to the sides, right? If so, then i will post my mods soon. Just in the final testing stage.
looks cool!
ty btw does any1 know how to gt rid ov that big anoyin coment at the top
No idea sorry :-(
i flagged it, it think some admin will remove it soon, as its no longer needed :)
k, By the way, i got it to shoot 40 ft now but still not what i expected. Does anyone have any tips? Please! Also, now that the gun is stronger i see the trigger issue and im not liking it as much. I think i might have a solution though. I will get back to you in a maybe a week. (Cant work on it now because im out of rubber bands. Gotta get some at staples)
I think you just reply to the comment saying you have changed it and they should take it off.
umm... this doesn't go 60-70 ft. I got it to go 15 ft with 4 rubber bands. Are there any trouble shooting tips or anything??? Please help because i love this design, and also, i LOVE the trigger, i dont see anything wrong with it.
SIgh im outta black rods and every gun I make needs a strong ram =/ and its too hard to make a mini version of the gun with red rods instead.. Is there a way to create a black rod outta a grey rod?<br/><br/>(NOT WITH PAINT -.-.......)<br/>
if you have a orange coulered red bar you could use that but it wouldnt be the same power
I dont really have any other sets of knex but the regular tubs and ish so.. I have red rods , grey rods and you know by know...
i made it, its really nice, i modded it allready, so it has my rail system, and a removable stock :)
can you post you mods please
maybe tomorrow, i'm currently leading a rebellios, so i'm a little busy :(
kk what a rebelious
whahaha you wont understand it :P i might explain it later :P i didnt get what i wanted, but i dint lose either!
Looks like it won't break any time soon. Good job.
i love the design
has any1 made this gun yet???????????????

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