Introduction: DeAdvertise Your Magazine!

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Do you hate that when you flip open a magazine, you open to an ad?

Eliminate about 50% of the advertisements by taking time to fight them off

And why would you want to do this?


~you have alot of ads in your magazine.

~you like flipping open your magazine to content

~you don't like ads that much!

Step 1: Materials

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All you need is love. and a magazine.

but  it'd be nice to have a pair of scissors and a stapler (but even thats optional)

Step 2: Find the Ads & the Ways of Ad Killing

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The ads that you can eliminate are 

~two page spreads


~pages with ads on both sides

The ways

1. Rip out the page

2. Cut out the page

3. Stapling pages together

4. Cut off the trim you didn't cut/rip out

Step 3: 1. Rip Out the Page

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Pretty self explanatory. Just try to rip straight. 

Using a ruler would probably make it perfect but I didn't use one.

Step 4: 2. Cut Out the Page

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You need to fire your butler.  Doesn't quite make the cut. 
Badum tss :P

Also self-explanatory

Step 5: 3. Staple a Two-page Spread

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this way you can have content on both sides of the page!!!

Hard to find in this day and age... 

Step 6: 4. Cut of the Trim

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To make your magazine look pretty,
clean up the left overs!

Step 7: Completely Disregard Steps

All of this is for your personal enjoyment,
so you only need to do as much work as you want.

What goes better with love than happiness?

Step 8: Recycle Your Scrap-paper!

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Recycling is good.

and positive feedback is good too!

That was my first instructable so let me any quick changes that would make you happy.


flashcactus (author)2011-04-30

how would i eliminate the ads that are on the same page as usefu content? (ad on one side, content on the other)

Houdinipeter (author)flashcactus2011-04-30

if you can't apply either the remove or staple method to the ad then you have to make the decision to live with it or remove the content too.

Personally I do this just to get straight to content when i flip through the magazine, but if you just hate ads you can just cover that side up with art or a blank piece of paper.

Munchkinguy (author)2011-02-09

But if I rip out a page, its twin on the other side of the magazine might come lose. How do I avoid this?

Houdinipeter (author)Munchkinguy2011-02-10

Basically use scissors (trust me) and cut to about a half inch (centimeter and a half or so) away from the page.

i.e. leave a wee bit of the page you're cutting

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