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Introduction: DeLorean Back to the Future RC

Lest's go to celebrate the arrival of Marty and Doc.

My brother loves this movie and RC toys, and I love crafts, so I decided to make a DeLorean for him. I used: a RC car, a papercraft pattern (pdf attached), a cardboard similar to that used for Passe-Partou, a kind of putty like automotive finishes putty (reddish), sandpaper, acetate (old X-Ray radiograph), colored wires, cold porcelain, foamy, balsa wood, blister packs for pharmaceutical tablets, markers, acrylic paint, cutter, three old condensers.

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Step 1: Cardboard Base

The first step was to take the car apart, discard the body and use the chassis, tires and engine.

I used a DeLorean papercraft model as a guide, but I'd adjust it to the size of the RC car's chassis. I drew the model in a cardboard, cut, fold and glue it. In order to attach some parts and to be stronger was necessary to put pieces of carboard inside (doors and roof). Because the cardboard is thicker than paper, I added 1 mm in some pieces like in mudguards.

Step 2: Putty, Sand, Putty, Sand, and Paint.......

I spread a dab of putty on the carboard body with a credit card, when dried, I spent a lot of time sanding, I repeated three times or more, when it was completely smooth, I painted it white and then, I painted using a airbrush and silver acrylic paint

Step 3: Decoration

Using all kind of recycled stuff, foamy, balsa wood,colored wires, etc... The black stripes on laterals was made of foamy, the front grilled is made by fold paper, the tail lights was made of blister painted with colored markers, windows was made of acetate (X-Ray).

Step 4: Finishing

Finally I joined the cover on the chassis and put the wiring, the plate and the antenna.

And now, it's time to Play and Back to the Future!!!!



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    :D muito legal! I like it!

    Thankss a lot!!! I love to take advantage of all materials that I find or I have

    Oh!!! this incredible, congratulations!!!

    1 reply

    Thx for your comment!! I realky appreciate it

    :) I really enjoyed making my DeLorean. I'm so happy to know that you enjoyed ;)

    Un trabajo excelente. Te felicito...ojala pudiera hacer algo parecido. Ya coloque mi voto. Congratulations!

    1 reply

    thanks!!!!! If you want, you can !!!

    I like it!!!

    I want to construct it, but seems it isn't easy...


    1 reply


    Not too easy, but you can, I could help you :)

    This is very well made! I couldn't believe that you made the body from cardboard.

    1 reply

    It is!!!! and was made with lot of love (and time)

    Thanks!!!! ;)

    Whoa, this is super rad!

    I'm way impressed that you made the entire body from scratch. Very well done!

    1 reply

    Thanks a lot!!!! It was hard work. :)

    When I saw the finished DeLorean I thought was made of plastic. It`s really amazing. I love it!!!!!!. Congrats!!! I voted :)