Step 8: Skin and bones

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Paint your alien's skin. I used a gray latex paint that I had bought off the mistint table. Cheap!
If your intestines appear too bright and mono-chromatic, apply a "wash". Dilute some black paint with water until it's quite thin. Then using a brush spread it randomly across the intestines - it will pool in the low places and leave the tops bright. You may want to do this a couple times letting it dry between. Instead of black, you may mix black and red, or brown and red, to get different shades, and use this technique multiple times to build up more "depth".
Coat the intestines with a gloss coat. You can use spray, or something like "ModPodge" as long as it's gloss. This will keep them all wet looking.
peanutgnome (author) 4 years ago
Nice job, looks "out of this world"! I like the idea of extending the fingers too!
Lorannb4 years ago
Just finished project. thanks for the instructions. Decided to use the left over fingers and toes to lengthen fingers. In addition, I added antennas. hard to tell from pic since it is on work table. Other pic is with alien standing up in order to get a full pic.

Your a great teacher thanks for the instructions/.;
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