Picture of Dead Bride - Halloween Costume
Halloween 2011 101.jpg
Halloween 2011 0181.jpg
The Dead Bride - Make up and accessories

Skin: Dermablend Leg & Body Cover in Ivory (a little goes a long way) / White eyeshadow was used as powder to seal the foundation in place.
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Step 1:

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Eyes: Black, white, maroon eye shadow and black eye liner / White out contacts

Step 2:

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Mouth: White and Black eyeliner and foundation - cover mouth with the Dermablend then outline with white liner. Draw crack marks with black liner and blend slightly. I purchased vampire billy bob teeth at Walgreens.

Step 3:

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Hair: Farrah Fawcett wig I used last year for my Princess Peach Costume

Step 4:

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Dress and Accessories: Aunt's Wedding dress circa 1977 and Wedding veil purchased from Hobby Lobby