Dead Fairies Part 2





Introduction: Dead Fairies Part 2

This is a more in depth work to give your fairy a more personal touch

Step 1: Added Touches

This instructables is for my piece called "Lost Love".
For the basics of where we start from, please see my previous instructables Dead Fairy. It'll give you a good head start with what you need. This will show you how to give them character and shape.
We start with a few fake floral stuff I grabbed at a craft store. Dead/ dying plants, some potpourri (for various brown effects), heat gun, hot glue, a wooden base or jar, and a pair of needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Bend It Like Butter.

I used a heat gun on LOW! It takes a little bit for it to warm up, then it just melts! Small window for the perfect zone. As long as you keep it low, you should have plenty of time to get the pliers to it.
I did the best I could to keep all bends to the knees, elbows, etc.
Shape each skeleton to the way you want it to set. This may require a lot of rechecking and reheating for balance, fit, and a better idea towards your finished look!

Step 3: Clever Placement

After I got the 2 skeletons where I wanted then I added the butterfly wings to the first fairy. The second one I must have taken off and put back on a dozen times to make it look a bit more natural. Then a few dozen more before I finally glued the wings onto the second fairy.
From there it was putting it onto a base, adding a bit of other embellishments, and keeping friends and family from stealing it while I was at work! Lol!

Step 4: Finito

I hope this helps with your individual ideas and expressions! After I did a couple, I realized how much easier this is than it looks!
These make great 3 dimensional pieces that add to any artistic eye!
Good luck to you all on your works!



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Please MORE... Really Great ideas!!!

I have too many projects to work on, so I made a few for friends and family. I might go back to these later on down the road, after my zombie prop build, my electric cars, my hovercraft...long list.... But these were pretty fun!

Nice explanation of your process! I love your design choices! Thanks for sharing!

eerie but fairy :-)

As much as I wanted to do it, I had to stay away from children's fairies....just too far for me. Lol

yes. great ibble though :-)

I am still trying to find the happy medium between too much info and not enough. Lol! Thank you!