Introduction: Dead Fairies

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A good prop for a witch's kitchen

Step 1: Needed Supplies (Basic Build)

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I used a few paint brushes, titanium white acrylic paint, a mason jar, some small skeletons and some craft butterflies. I just used hot glue to put stuff together.

Step 2: Tedious Stuff, Then Fun Stuff...

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I took the butterfly wings off the body (just like any morbid kid would do, I mean seriously, dead fairy!), and separated the parts. I painted just one side so it wouldn't be such a pain to squeeze a brush into the small part of the rib cage. I only did one layer because I liked how the original pattern bled through a little bit.

Step 3: Assembly and Humor Testing

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As you can see, I wedged the corner of the wings under the spine and just added a touch of hot glue. Then a bit more paint to the wings (no pic, sorry).

Step 4: Jam It in a Bottle!

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I had to buy a bunch of the skeletons and butterflies (didn't have them separated), but that's OK. I have plenty of friends with a twisted sense of humor. I didn't trim or do anything else with this one, just showing the next step. You can easily make a little outfit with dried leaves, or bits of cloth. The wings I have seen done with wire and plastic, feathers, really anything. The first 2 pics are good for just reference. Don't be afraid to be different and have fun!
Math time. I bought 2 six pack of skeletons at 5 dollars per pack= 83 cents per skeleton. One pack of 12 butterflies for 5 dollars (optional, you may use something else) =42 cents per wing set. And 12 jars for 11 dollars = 91 cents.
So, for $2.16 per fairy, that's not so bad.
Be creative and keep the imagination alive!


heatherluvs (author)2015-05-25

I love it! I love love love fairies! I'm gonna have to make some for myself!

jasper-signer made it! (author)2014-12-24

best gift ever!

That is awesome! I just finished my 3rd part about putting these into decorative cases. I am glad and impressed you were already ahead of the game! Keep up the good work!
P.S. I do love the added sign!

DarrellM1 (author)2014-12-03

i need some of these skeletons for a project can you tell me where to purchase thxxxx

wikkedspindl (author)DarrellM12014-12-09

I emailed you some info. I hope it helps!

1024 Web Solutions (author)2014-09-23

love it!

Thank you!

amatosays (author)2014-09-22

Finally found the time to try out something found on instructables. I am glad to have tried this out first. They make great decorations and add a great amount of creepy cuteness to wherever they are set

wikkedspindl (author)amatosays2014-09-26

They do look AMAZING! A lot of people are getting into these but don't have the confidence, or artistic eye to really get what they want. I have seen the "stand up with wings" basics go for 10 to 20 a piece. Some use them just as trophies for costumes. You would do pretty good with your skills! Keep up the good work!

Locomiguel (author)2014-09-14

Being a fan of Lady Cottington, I really enjoyed this. Will definitely give it a go. Thank you for having the talent and taking the time to explain it.

antagonizer (author)2014-09-08

It's ironic that I made one, years ago and left it out in the woods with it's own little mausoleum built out of rocks. Even carved a stone with cryptic symbols on it. It's my lifelong prank, you could say.

wikkedspindl (author)antagonizer2014-09-08

That is awesome! I almost want to make a bunch more and leave them in various places when I go on vacation! Lol!

antagonizer (author)wikkedspindl2014-09-09

Don't leave it in a spot that's to obvious. The longer it takes to find, the more realistic it looks. I put mine 20 feet off of a trail near a rock outcrop and when I checked it out a few years back, it looked like it'd been there for 100 years with moss growing on it. Every now and then, when we get to that area, we add something to it. Last time we planted some perennial plants in a circle around it. Kind of like a fairy ring. It's been there 8 years, and did look like it was disturbed once but that could have just been an animal.

PaganRaven (author)antagonizer2014-09-14

LOL! Can you imagine when someone does find it? Makes you wish you could be a cricket nearby.

crispernakisan (author)2014-08-31

Oh, these are awesome!

Thank you very much!

jmarshall35 (author)2014-08-31

going to my pound shop tomorrow to give it a go wow cool .

wikkedspindl (author)jmarshall352014-09-01

Hope it all goes well for you!

temporaryobsessions (author)2014-08-30

I can't find the skeletons on sale anywhere

I found mine at Michaels craft store in the Halloween decor. I have seen them at the dollar tree, and I have seen them on eBay as well. I think it was under the doll section and 6 inch skeletons.

Cycrolus (author)2014-08-29

Awesome! I will be making some of these!!!

wikkedspindl (author)Cycrolus2014-08-29

I am working on an instructable that shows how to make one of the Dead Fairies from my pics. Glad you like them!

ballislife (author)2014-08-25

What the heck this is so creepy

wikkedspindl (author)ballislife2014-08-25

uhmmm...thank you? Lol! A lot of people like making lil creepy props for Halloween or for gag gifts. Some people even make a good living making things like these. In the end, its all in good fun. No real fairies were harmed in the making of these art pieces.

dguinn2 (author)2014-08-25

this is... i'm at a loss of words. epic is the first thing to come to mind. may have to do this. maybe twist it a little for holidays.

wikkedspindl (author)dguinn22014-08-25

There are days other than Halloween for holidays? Lol! Have fun with it!

dguinn2 (author)wikkedspindl2014-08-25

first think that came to mind was dead Santa.

wikkedspindl (author)dguinn22014-08-25

Awesome! Lol!

Adika Briikase (author)2014-08-25

Nice ! Going to make this till Halloween or so :D I like the idea ^^

I had seen a few done and looked into it a bit further and realized how relatively easy it was!

And of course I have a lot of friends who are willing to take the extra off my hands! Lol

gravityisweak (author)2014-08-25

One way to make this even more morbid, would be to stuff ALL of them into one larger jar, and label it in a way that would suggest it was for use as ingredients and that you had a large collection of dead fairies just waiting to be used in a creepy potion.

I had actually thought of making a bunch and then telling people I forgot to poke holes in the top of the jars, or say I ran out of Unicorn blood (cuz we all know they need at least a gallon a day). Lol

mquiring1 (author)2014-08-24

So cool, Great idea

wikkedspindl (author)mquiring12014-08-25

I've seen them here and there, but just recently looked and saw how easy they can be to make. This is of course just for a basic one, a lot of options with more details! Lol! Thank you!

KLethal (author)2014-08-24

my mother collects fairy's for her garden.. but she doesn't have one like this.. yet.. Good one... thx..

wikkedspindl (author)KLethal2014-08-25

If you have a twisted enough sense of humor you could make little zombie fairies that look like they are ready to attack! Lol! Have fun and good luck!

jmwells (author)2014-08-24


wikkedspindl (author)jmwells2014-08-25

A bit on the dark side, yes. But I assure you, no fairies were harmed in the making! Lol

dcivarson (author)2014-08-24

incredible, I know a lot of twisted sisters who would appreciate these. Great job!

wikkedspindl (author)dcivarson2014-08-24

Always good to have others! Lol!

bliabenow (author)2014-08-24

Where did you get the skeletons from?

wikkedspindl (author)bliabenow2014-08-24

A craft store in my area. I just checked the site and didn't see them online, but I just walked into the store and saw them with the halloween decorations.

bliabenow (author)wikkedspindl2014-08-24

Thank you.

cutelittledeadpeople (author)2014-08-24

Oh man I bought one of these from an art walk a few years back and I've always wanted more! Thank you so much for this!

I read an Instructables by a guy years ago and he stated, "If other people could make it, then I should be able to as well". It took too long for me to catch on to his words. Lol!

Haha it's so true!

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