Dead Fairies





Introduction: Dead Fairies

A good prop for a witch's kitchen

Step 1: Needed Supplies (Basic Build)

I used a few paint brushes, titanium white acrylic paint, a mason jar, some small skeletons and some craft butterflies. I just used hot glue to put stuff together.

Step 2: Tedious Stuff, Then Fun Stuff...

I took the butterfly wings off the body (just like any morbid kid would do, I mean seriously, dead fairy!), and separated the parts. I painted just one side so it wouldn't be such a pain to squeeze a brush into the small part of the rib cage. I only did one layer because I liked how the original pattern bled through a little bit.

Step 3: Assembly and Humor Testing

As you can see, I wedged the corner of the wings under the spine and just added a touch of hot glue. Then a bit more paint to the wings (no pic, sorry).

Step 4: Jam It in a Bottle!

I had to buy a bunch of the skeletons and butterflies (didn't have them separated), but that's OK. I have plenty of friends with a twisted sense of humor. I didn't trim or do anything else with this one, just showing the next step. You can easily make a little outfit with dried leaves, or bits of cloth. The wings I have seen done with wire and plastic, feathers, really anything. The first 2 pics are good for just reference. Don't be afraid to be different and have fun!
Math time. I bought 2 six pack of skeletons at 5 dollars per pack= 83 cents per skeleton. One pack of 12 butterflies for 5 dollars (optional, you may use something else) =42 cents per wing set. And 12 jars for 11 dollars = 91 cents.
So, for $2.16 per fairy, that's not so bad.
Be creative and keep the imagination alive!


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I love it! I love love love fairies! I'm gonna have to make some for myself!

i need some of these skeletons for a project can you tell me where to purchase thxxxx

I emailed you some info. I hope it helps!

Finally found the time to try out something found on instructables. I am glad to have tried this out first. They make great decorations and add a great amount of creepy cuteness to wherever they are set


They do look AMAZING! A lot of people are getting into these but don't have the confidence, or artistic eye to really get what they want. I have seen the "stand up with wings" basics go for 10 to 20 a piece. Some use them just as trophies for costumes. You would do pretty good with your skills! Keep up the good work!

Being a fan of Lady Cottington, I really enjoyed this. Will definitely give it a go. Thank you for having the talent and taking the time to explain it.

It's ironic that I made one, years ago and left it out in the woods with it's own little mausoleum built out of rocks. Even carved a stone with cryptic symbols on it. It's my lifelong prank, you could say.

That is awesome! I almost want to make a bunch more and leave them in various places when I go on vacation! Lol!