There's not much to this, but if you happen to like shadowbox displays of preserved insects and such, and you happen upon a dead and perfectly preserved (dehydrated) common house mouse as I did, this seemed like an excellent opportunity.

The mouse and a simple typed latin name label are stuck into a small IKEA shadowbox frame. I used a small amount of hot glue to hold the mouse. The end.

I think it looks great next to the similarly framed insect that was a gift. These are both up for Halloween, but who knows if they'll stick around longer. I kinda like 'em.
<p>As an outdoorsman, I love having outdoor items on my wall, like deer skulls, my fish catches, camo, and such alike. But who puts mice on their wall? Ain't people trying to get them out of their houses in the first place? Weird yet if you put like a skull of a raccoon or something in there it would be cooler! </p>
Hey, to each their own :) I find all creatures fascinating. It may help to know that that there's definitely some humor in this.
<p>Animals are indeed awesome! No worries...</p>
Wow. It's gross to me but I love it. I have a shadow box with a seagull sternum I found at a beach once. I think it looks remarkably like a bone corset. Cool stuff.
I know that mice gross a lot of people out, but I think they are sort of cute and interesting, and this guy was so perfectly preserved, I was amazed when I discovered him. I'm always fascinated by animal bones, feathers and the like if I see them (aside from the chicken bones you sometimes find in my neighborhood!)

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