Picture of Dead Mouse Shadowbox Display
There's not much to this, but if you happen to like shadowbox displays of preserved insects and such, and you happen upon a dead and perfectly preserved (dehydrated) common house mouse as I did, this seemed like an excellent opportunity.

The mouse and a simple typed latin name label are stuck into a small IKEA shadowbox frame. I used a small amount of hot glue to hold the mouse. The end.

I think it looks great next to the similarly framed insect that was a gift. These are both up for Halloween, but who knows if they'll stick around longer. I kinda like 'em.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Wow. It's gross to me but I love it. I have a shadow box with a seagull sternum I found at a beach once. I think it looks remarkably like a bone corset. Cool stuff.
davidandora (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
I know that mice gross a lot of people out, but I think they are sort of cute and interesting, and this guy was so perfectly preserved, I was amazed when I discovered him. I'm always fascinated by animal bones, feathers and the like if I see them (aside from the chicken bones you sometimes find in my neighborhood!)