Step 10: Armor Making

I am going to be 100% honest here.
We designed all of the pieces without blueprints or plans, we just started doing it.
The armor plates were done out of foam, and with this foam we completed the backpack, front ribs, the chest piece, arm grips and gauntlet.

Woah! Well done! Keep it up!
If you still have any of those pepakura files could you please send them to me? I'm trying to make this costume for halloween! <br> <br>gray.nemo@gmail.com
did you use pepekura for the helmet? and if so can you send me the files?
I'm working on my own project and find bondoing near impossible to get smooth. Got any tips for me?
Nice costume. I'm working on my Dead Space costume right now. Hope it turns out as good as yours!
Could you walk me through how to wire the helmet please? I haven't worked with LEDs before. <br><br>gobanana101@hotmail.com is my email address (:
I am going to follow your steps and try and create my own suit for Supanova (A cosplaying convention in Australia). Hopefully mine turns out just as awesome as yours. When I finish, I'll show you photos. Wish me luck (:
i look at this and I'm like *face of disbelief* and then i click this and I'm like *awesome face* and i want to make it but I'm lazy so i say &quot;dear Santa....&quot;
That's funny! And I do encourage you to do this, if you are a Dead Space fan, it was really fun for me and my lover to do, and I am very interested in becoming a professional prop maker, anyway.. You should do this build! Lot of fun!
Awesome Costume, Good Job!!!
Thanks! I'll keep improving on my props and instructables.
OMG they are all dead , NO NO HAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG <br>HELP HELP HELP .<br> .<br> BADASS costume for a BADASS GAME. WELL DONE MY FRIEND , <br>just need Plasma Cutter now :D<br>
Thanks! And well I'm hoping to keep doing props, I love it, but I am low on money.. However, when I do get some I will make other builds and post them here on instructables as well as on my blogspot.
So awesome!
You should make a picture of the finished product the intro pic.
Thank you for that! Didn't realize it was a bad first impression.. Thanks!!
This is amazing. Great job
Thank you! It took some determination, but I think it came out great for a first time cosplay / prop : )
you should make the standard weapon he uses throughout the game (cant remember the name of it, sorry...)
you can find the pep files for it online, would be awesome with this build
Plasma Cutter.<br>Yeah I might start on that today?<br>I'm feeling lazy hehe, but will do it!

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