"The Black Marker is an alien artifact found on Earth in 2214. It radiates a signal that—depending on your intelligence—either induces dementia or imprints blueprints into your brain for reproducing more Markers." (

I've only recently come into the series of Dead Space and I've enjoyed it's lore quite a bit. I loved the way the markers were presented throughout the games so I wanted to have one for myself. Sadly I was unable to find one to purchase for myself, so I decided to make one. The model I made is closer to the desktop statues you can see in the game because the few pictures of the collector's edition marker I could find, looked a bit too chunky and awkward.  Each model is 7 in tall and resin slush cast, then filled with plaster to give them enough weight to not feel like cheap toys. I gave each it's own simple paint job then clear coated them with a matte finish. The black one was for me because it had more than a few casting bubbles and cracks, while the red marker is for a friend. I would love to know what people think and constructive criticism is always welcome.
forge tech1 year ago
Can u pppplllllzzzzzz make an instruct able on how to make on? I LOVE the dead space series and have been looking for a model of a marker for ages. Thnx.
I think I need to check out Dead Space, being a fan of good lore myself. I'm also a big fan of game-to-reality items. I agree that the collector's edition marker looks chunky but the markings give it some kind of "evil" flair. Your markers look a little more... distant. That's not a bad thing, though, just the difference between a cackling madman and some unseen force that simply does not care.

Either way, I like your markers, and I'd love to make one myself - after knowing the lore - but I would probably opt for a simpler version from paper - . Not as sturdy as yours, though, and not as detailed, of course.

Thanks for sharing!