Dead Spider Under Plunger Prank




Introduction: Dead Spider Under Plunger Prank

Here I bring another simple household prank you can set up on friends and family or even a plumber, What I like about this one is that it will literally scare the hell out of anyone.

As you can see, I’ll be using a plunger as well as one of these fake creepy critters, Get creative and try to find something similar. I of course went with the giant Spider.

Here’s what I did, I attached one of the spider legs underneath the plunger using super glue. Once dried I tucked the spider inside and put a piece of tape across its body to keep it from coming down when the plunger is lifted.

Now lets say the sink is clogged , It will be the perfect situation to set this prank up. Here’s what will happen. Your victim wont notice the spider underneath but when the plunger is in use, the spiders body will become lose and once your victim has unclogged the sink they’ll be in for a creepy surprise.

Make for the perfect prank to scare your loved ones, especially on Halloween!

Click here to watch the video tutorial



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