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I did a collaboration with two other girls on YouTube, we did all three of the monsters/killers in the video game Dead By Daylight.

Step 1: Start

First I sketched out my look with a white eyeliner pencil, then I covered my face in white face paint (ok if streaky) and left the mouth and eyes blank.

Step 2: Eyes

taking a few different shades on eyeshadow (line are all from BH cosmetics) I dragged lines coming out from my eye sockets. Some light some dark.

Step 3: Black

I filled in my eyes with black eyeshadow (blackout from urban decay) and then drug some more lines off that. I also shadowed around the face including where a crack on the forehead will be.

Then taking black eyeliner (liquid liner) I added the crack and deepened some of the lines coming out of the eyes.

Step 4: Mouth

I used white body paint (wolfe) to put in the teeth, they are all around the mouth and very small and sharp. then I took black body paint (wolfe) and filled in the rest.

Step 5: Detail Around Mouth

took the same browns and black to add lines coming off the mouth.

Step 6: Ears

painted my ears black.

Step 7: Silver Rods

taking a silver body paint (Mehron) I filled in the two lines on the side of my face. they are rods diving into his head. then i shadowed with the same browns and black.

Step 8: Body

starting the body, I sketched out the look.

Step 9: Base

I took brown and red body paint (Mehron) and rubbed it all over the body. (very messy looking)

Step 10: Silver

added some more silver rods.

Step 11: Blue

added his blue overalls with blue body paint. (mehron)

Step 12: Shading

took the same eye shadows to shade.

Step 13: Details

then used black body paint to detail more.

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    Every time I scroll by this on the site, I think my heart stops for a second. Bravo!

    1 reply

    Haha! I'm sorry! and thank you. =)

    That is really creative, and you do a great job describing the process. Good images to help, too!

    1 reply

    Thank you so much! =D

    Two issues. First I see so many times you actually paint into your mouth and even your eyes. Does that paint actually taste bad and does it effect your eyes? It would seem like it would but I honestly don't know. Second, I bet you are a riot during Halloween with your abilities. And I equally bet you win a lot of costume contests.

    1 reply

    Painting my mouth is just fine, it's not that bad. haha as for the eyes it's just annoying if you have to keep your eyes closed to keep the illusion, but for the most part it's not a big deal. lol.

    Halloween is my JAM! I love it and I get so many requests and stuff. =D I Can't wait!

    Amazing as always!! I love seeing your tutorials!

    1 reply