Step 6: Some Variations

I am not completely certain that the notches which the locking lugs fit into would withstand frequent or
more careless use.
This could be solved by either adding two extra sets of lugs and notches or by increasing the width of the
locking part of the notch by 1/8'' to around 1/4'.
i saw this on deadliest warrior. i like to call it the &quot;Drop Dead Spike&quot; rather than 'dead drop spike'. as in &quot;you want this message? Drop Dead&quot; <br>Nice build.
That would be one way of putting it. Thanks.
might make a good micro geocache.
I was checking my email notifications an saw this comment. The next email was for geocaching.com.
Oh, and yes it would work pretty well.
I think a thread fit would probably work better than the bayonet fitting you have now. It'd be easier to make, cheaper and more secure. You could then ditch the o-ring and just use some Teflon tape on the thread.
I don't have any threads that size however if you did it may well be worth while. If you're geocaching I would still use an o-ring since Teflon tape would be more likely to fall off.
I'm trying to figure out what this is, or what it does?
It's a hollow bodied spike for hiding things in.
Reminds me of the upper magazine tube on the old Sheridan paintball pistols!

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