Dead Killer Bee Prank ( April Fools )





Introduction: Dead Killer Bee Prank ( April Fools )

This is the ultimate and most easy thing you can build! ( bla bla, I mean every prank are the coolest and most fun thing to do! )

What does it do?
It is a washer twisted by a rubber band into a envelop. You give this envelop to someone and tell them" look what I found, it is really big dead killer bee!" You give it to your friend/enemy, when he opens the envelop, the washer get free and can know spin like crazy into the envelop making this loud rattlesnake sound or killer bee trying to escape :P

The initial prank is using rattle snake eggs. You fool people by saying this are eggs in the envelop.

When you have all the parts, it will take you less then 15 minutes to assemble it.

The only thing I am missing, is a video. I am working on it, I was not able to fool my boss :-(

I got my videos, they will be posted april 6 or 7

ps- This instructables was in my unpublished for more then 1 year! Those pictures where taken at leat 3 year ago. That prank has been alive for more the 30 years!

Jokes never get old!

Step 1: Parts You Will Need

Here is what you need:

1 x Envelop
1 x Big paper clip
1 x small paper clip ( optional, see step 4 and 5 )
1 x rubber band
1 x washer

1 x Cutters
1 x Pliers

Step 2: The Paper Clip

bend the paper clip like this!

This will support your rubber band.

I also seen this other user that make a huge paper clip frame the size of the envelop. It was a big rectangle that fit perfectly into the envelop.

Step 3:

Cut a small paper clip like the picture.

Step 4: Assembling

Put the elastic on the paper clip arc.

Step 5: The Other Way

Here is a other way to attach the elastic to the washer.

It is much faster to do.

Step 6: Start Twisting!

Start twisting the elastic, crank crank until you think it will snap :P

Step 7: Insert in the Enveloppe

Put the device in an envelop.

Step 8: You Are Now Ready!

You simply give it to someone you love.

I say " Hey, check what I have found, it is a big white bee, it looks like a killer bee from Zimbabwe!"

You can also say that it is a insect you have just found and it looks really creepy!

You can also write something on the enveloppe, like "insect specimen, DO NOT TOUCH" and place it on the table.

Have fun and don't forget to make a video and post it on the internet!

ps- I think you could mail this to someone! Mail it to your house, or just put in the mail box for your brother or your mom!

Thanks for reading!

Jerome Demers
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada



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    We used to make these and send them in the mail to friends as rattlesnake eggs. We would probably be pistol whipped by homeland security for doing it now.

    Of course you realize, they'll never trust you again. What was it the girl in green said right after she pulled the thing out?

    where im from you can actually buy these in some stores gust with rattle snakes nice to now how to!!

    this is an awsome prank

    Very funny buddy! I am gonna do this one with the wife/kids/parents!! Thanks.

    ha nice jai deja recu une carte du genre mais cétais un papillon pi jai eu salement peur! Well done! Nick

    Oui, j'ai deja vue ce papillon et j'en est acheter un pi j'ai jouer avec 5 seconde pi je l'est ranger :P Thanks

    Wow it sure takes a lot of words just to say well done and thanks! :)

    I also told him a strory of something that happened to me with this flying thing!

    Oh... I feel left out.