Introduction: Dead Rising 2 Happy Mask Zombie Slicer

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Step 1: First

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Let me just say this, this will be the simplest thing I will ever show you guys, but I was running out of ideas. So this is currently the best idea of my own creation (besides dead rising 2's creation of it in the first place). But anyway, here it is

Step 2: The Only 3 Parts You Need

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Step 3: Put Them Together

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Step 4: Don't Worry

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I know this may be disappointing, but tomorrow I am going to show you guys how to change your lego torso and other decals with ease. I learned this from a very good lego youtuber who's channel name is legosandlots (no spaces).coming tomorrow.


ttoyryla (author)2013-08-13

Just to let you guys know, I didn't know the name of this weapon in the actual sorry if I got it wrong

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