DeadMau5 Head Full Time Lapse Step by Step Video Tutorial





Introduction: DeadMau5 Head Full Time Lapse Step by Step Video Tutorial

These three videos will take you step by step through making yourself your own full size Deadmau5 head with lights! Im giving you all my best tips and tricks learnt through making 3 of these personally. It doesnt require paying for expensive large acrylic globes instead replacing it with a cheap and easy DIY fibreglass shell!

First video covers the building of the main shell, second video covers the other main sections such as the mouth, ears, eyes etc. and the final video shows assembly and wiring for lights!
if you like this kind of thing check out my facebook page and my youtube channel for more tutorials!



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    Could u use paper mache instead of the plaster cloth

    Can u just use plaster cloth for the shell of the head

    How big r the ears in length and width

    if you follow the links to youtube theres a link in the description that shows dimensions of everything on the head :)

    Just curious, I'm trying to figure out if its cheaper to make them this way or the hamster ball way. I made one using that method and it wasn't very cheep and didn't look nearly as nice as yours. Also I'm curious where you find led lights like that. thanks

    The price really comes down to how cheaply you can get your resin and fibreglass, I managed to get all the resin and fibreglass I needed for under 15GBP. The LED's were bought off ebay :) simply search for pre wired LED's

    Hey, I'm cutting the fiberglass in small pieces at the moment and I wonder, what happens if I don't have any spray hesive?

    nothing really changes, its just a lot more tedious to do the fibreglass as you have to lay down one piece at a time and it tends to move around a lot. I would highly recommend using spray adhesive :) make sure not to use too much each layer! a misted on coat is enough

    What kind of bandage did you use?
    And also, what was the approximate cost for the entire helmet with and without the lights?

    i used plaster bandages, id say the approximate cost of materials would be about 60 pounds to make this deadmau5 head? that is if you can find fibreglass resin cheaply. add an extra 10 pounds for lights