So I've seen all of those deadmau5 heads and i like them....but they don't hav to same look I thought so i teamed up with my dad and this is what we did.

Polystyrene Foam-home Depot
2-4.5" acrlic globes-home depot
1-13" hamster ball-pet store
white mesh-publix
electrical tape-home depot
4-fully threaded rods with matching washers and nuts
car primer
red paint
various painting tools
hot glue+hot glue gun
super glue

Step 1: Making the base of the ears

Picture of Making the base of the ears
76782_464835086805_9980651805_6047459_448268_n (2).jpg
So you just place the rods where there supposed to go after measured then hot glue the layers together and sand down the sides lightly. After, cover the ears with bondo and yes it will dissolve the base a little but it DOES work. Just take your time and be careful.

Warning: wear gloves and respiration mask for your health.
LEARNING OBJECTIVE: learn how to use bondo,paint,sand,and scale a project.
Ya what's the price
Klaudiuszm2 years ago
Great idea using the body filler.
sd2kool4u (author)  Klaudiuszm2 years ago
Thank you (:
Not bad. I would suggest spending a few extra bucks to get a 14in globe from a home improvement store (like $25) then using either bondo or rondo(50% resin 50% bondo) on the inside to strengthen the plastic. You wouldn't have to sand anything which makes things much easier, and everything would be perfectly round.
sd2kool4u (author)  KemikalzAreFun2 years ago
I will have to look into that and thank you! (:
tylershiff2 years ago
Can u sell me one name your price