Step 10: Now Have Fun!

Now that you have finished your head you can go out and party!

Or even make other styles, heres a few others i made!

<p>Where can you get the polycarbonate globe in the US?</p>
What is the video name that deadmau5 <br> commented on
How much in all for every<br>Thing if you can answer my question and use my name so I get it that would be awsome
like a bo55 ;D tell me what u think plz
What are your dimensions for the ears??? I like this kind of ear not the more round ones, this kind of shape is longer and looks more like the correct ear!
and what is sanded down?
What do first: the undercoat or primer or is does not and how have you made ​​your ears?
What dimensions did you use for the ears ie. top and side radii <br>
I found this on the RPF : )
what about a cookie monster one so it's all fluffy :D
Can you still spray paint it another color if you don't want it to be rhinestones like those other heads?
Hey I have a few questions I was hoping to find out, what are the proper steps to making the cooling system blow cold air? For the picture with the purple and blue lights for eyes did you spray the inside of the eye bulbs white? Thanks.
can someone please tell me where I can get the 13/14&quot; acrylic globe in the UK please?! I'm growing desperate I really cant find any. Help!
Hey you can get one here <a href="http://www.makemymau5.co.uk"> http://www.makemymau5.co.uk</a> or add us to facebook (See website)
why is with out extras more expensive in usd
Im confused?
does it make a difference if the globe is 13 or 14 in?
13 - 14 is correct some of joels heads are different in size
exuse me im doing as head as well and id REALLY appreciate it if you would answer my questions.<br>1. Did you cover your lips with anything before you spraypainted them?<br><br>2. Is there such thing as spraypaint primer<br><br>and<br>3. will it look good if i just spraypaint my ears?
No we spray directly onto the lip...<br><br>Yes there is a spraypaint primer. But if globes are sanded down its just as good<br><br>If you spray ears it will make the paper on the foam board peel and bubble<br><br>More info here <a href="http://www.makemymau5.co.uk"> http://www.makemymau5.co.uk</a><br>
Hey man what did you use for the blue heads? Material wise. And if you didn't use material, did you use some sort of paint?
We sprayed more info here <a href="http://www.makemymau5.co.uk"> http://www.makemymau5.co.uk</a>
hey can you put some of your masks at ebay i looking for one for partys and stuff
More of our work can be found here <a href="http://www.makemymau5.co.uk"> http://www.makemymau5.co.uk</a>
Hi im from the USA and i was wondering what collor of gold you were using for the rhine stones i have literally found 6 colors of gold and im not sure which one to use. Please reply thanks<br>
We used just gold?? Amber Gold...
I want to make one sooo bad!!!! i just cant afford it right now.. i love the design though. it looks great. keep up the great work!
Thank you!!!1
hey wut did u use for the ears and um oh yeah wut are those pipe thingys in it<br>
Yes we used threaded rod, and foam board
there threded rods its like poster board
ruffly how manny did you use for just the head not the ears <br>
Around 10,000
Hey man great work so far :) well I started my mau5 head yesterday except I'm using another guide but looking at yours I was wondering if I could ask a couple<br>Of questions? Im planning on making the blue head with yellow eyes , black ears well in another guide it said to cover head with fabric but that will be impossible for me! I'll be fine in covering the ears but the head will be a pain so I'm<br>Just wondering did you spray paint your blue heads and if you did what undercoat did you use and what type of spraypaint did you use for the main coat of blue ? Thanks and great work again man seriously!
Yes we sprayed some of the heads, more info here <a href="http://www.makemymau5.co.uk"> http://www.makemymau5.co.uk</a>
Do u sell any of your mau5heads? cause im not very handy and cant find any good ones for sale and urs r the best ive seen. I do not have the space to make one. Im in no rush just wondering if u sold them and how much it would be to buy one off of u?<br>
You can find more here <a href="http://www.makemymau5.co.uk"> http://www.makemymau5.co.uk</a><br>
OMG those fans are epic! rly good job there!
Thank you so much more photos here <a href="http://www.makemymau5.co.uk"> http://www.makemymau5.co.uk</a>
Hey! Congrats on the mau5 himself signing your head at LED! I'm so jealous ;D
Thank you!!
I'd like to make one but I just don't have the time
<a href="http://www.makemymau5.co.uk"> http://www.makemymau5.co.uk</a>
Would you consider selling one to me?
Hey, visit our website http://www.makemymau5.co.uk
I just completed my DeadMau5 head last night using your instructions, it came out AMAZING! I will post photos tomorrow. Thank you for the tips &amp; instructions!
Wheres the photos! Post them up! :) Love to see
interesting, they should be attached to my comment. Go to your all your comments, you should be able to see them there...that or I am doing something wrong here.

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