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Introduction: Deadmau5 Keychain

In this instructable i show you how to make a Deadmau5 keychain. I made it at TechShop!

Step 1:

First you find an image you want to use, for me i used this deadmau5 logo. But you can use any logo you want to make a keychain its all the same process once you find the logo

Step 2:

I then opened it up in adobe Illustrator and added an outer line around the perimeter of the picture.  This line i then changed to RGB RED with a thickness of .001 in.  This was done because of the settings of the Universal laser we have use of.  In the picture you can not see this line.  It is hidden behind the black image. Then i also made a small RGB RED circle in the left ear that way you can use it as a keychain.  I then engraved this onto a piece of black acrylic.

Step 3:

After you engrave it take it over to the sink and wash off any residue that was left from the laser, dry it off and its ready to put on your keyring!



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