Picture of Deadmau5 hat
This is a Deadmau5 helmet that I made for last Halloween. It's has a helmet int it so it's comfy to wear around. El lighting added to the mouth and around the head.
ajay22 years ago
sd2kool4u3 years ago
like a bo55
lDieTrying3 years ago
What are your ear dimensions???
leatherwork3 years ago
Nice. You gotta work on it cuz ur chin is showing.
Arie K3 years ago
what did you use to illuminate the eyes? and what products did you get for your elwire. ie the driver, and thickness of wire?
hpfev (author)  Arie K3 years ago
the eyes can be illuminated with normal leds. If you can get 10mm ones since they are brighter. As for the driver, it's a 9v portable driver with brightness and speed control. Can't remember the model sorry.
thats awsome!!!!!
Car6on143 years ago
what did you use for eyes? looking for a white hollow plastic ball that can be illuminated like that...
hpfev (author)  Car6on143 years ago
i found them at a dollar store, it's was original a box to put fruit i think. i just cut off the top part.
zvinson3 years ago
about how much $$ did it cost to make?
hpfev (author)  zvinson3 years ago
can't really remember...sorry :/
ihowell13 years ago
how do you make one
hpfev (author)  ihowell13 years ago
There are plenty of instructables available on this website :) just search Deadmau5.
that is sooo cool and i love deadmau5:) could you post an instructible on how to make it please?:)
choneycutt14 years ago
wanna sell one or help me make one?
could u post a step by step instructable:)
elajoie4 years ago
Great mau5head mate, im currently making my own, and i've based my design on yours, however i dont know how to wire up the EL wire around the lips and head to the power supply, could you write back and give me a hand, much appreciates!
Win Guy4 years ago
LOL! That's neat! 5/5
Win Guy
Richmau54 years ago
demonfox4 years ago
Excellent work my friend, shame theres no build log to instruct other on how it was made but beggers cant be choosers
check out intrica's http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-your-own-Deadmau5-mouse-head-helmet/ its pretty much the same minus the EL wire. or pastanoodles also has one here: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-your-own-Deadmau5-Mau5head/ or even magicrich http://www.instructables.com/id/Deadmau5-Head-Goldmau5-How-To-Make-1/