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Introduction: Steampunk "Bundy Clock"

Hello all

Firstly, I love this site.

Secondly, this is my first time taking (poor) pictures and publishing my very first Steam Punk project.

A little history, I have good skills with metal and tools. I currently work in the Powder Coating industry . I have spent 15 years making jewellery which include forming and casting all metals.Since stumbling on Steam Punk 12 months ago I have simply been captured by the endless creations,fashion and inventions.

This piece I have created was a 1960's Bundy Clock I found in the building I had purchased in 2001. A Bundy Clock is used to log on hours worked by employees on a daily basis. By placing a card into the horizontal slot at the bottom of the clock it will stamp the minute,hour and day. This machine is fully functional.

My first mistake is not fully documenting the progress on this piece. I will be doing this from now on.

The first two pictures show the restored clock and Steampunked piece, the second photo is simply the outer panel of the original piece as found.. I have opted for ignition one side, fuel intake the other to create this machine.

The third pic shows a stand I made using steel components and a 60"s Doctors draw to act as a table for the Bundy Clock piece.

Working on my next project at present.




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    Thank you for your comment, I'm going to love this site.

    Next time remember to show us how you make yor cool projects :-)