Death Bringer V3! (DB-V3)




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Introduction: Death Bringer V3! (DB-V3)

About: Hey there, thanks for taking time to veiw my Instructable/profile, I am PotatoCoffee and am interested in building a variety of things: K'nex,painting,drawing,craft and loads more! Thank you to Sunshiine for...

Finally Death Bringer V3 (DB-V3) is here! DJ radio said ''No'' to my origianal V3 stock so i changed it! It's my best so far! This gun now shoots 200ft and 80ft accuratly (20ft more). I hope you like it!

-PotatoCofee P.S. Sorry for not adding pictures of the optional bow (I probably will soon!)



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    Sorry man, I destroyed it ages ago. I might be able to rebuild it...

    It fires blue rods with the 2 way grey connectors on the end. Thanks!

    Nice! doesn't look to sturdy and I don't like your barrel much but I do love power and accuracy so 4.5* from me!

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    Believe me this gun is not flimsy, I know the barrel is not the best, but anyway thanks!

    np but I guess as this is 5 layers thick and pretty well put together it wouldn't be too flimsy... btw are you sure about the power and accuracy? Because if it does shoot like that then it's nearly as good as the SRV2...

    Yeah I'm sure... SRV2 shoots 500+ ft so, about 300ft less...

    oh :( I thought that it only shot 250ft....oh well sorry bout that lol