"Death By Chocolate" Skeleton Surprise Cake

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This is a unique halloween theme cake  "Death By Chocolate" Skeleton Surprise Cake.  The outside looks really cool but inside there's a surprise... a giant Rice Krispie cake with mint chips in the center, all covered in a rich chocolate ganache.

This cake is truly easy to make and will impress any crowd.  If you've ever made rice krispie bars it's that simple.  The only prep work that takes time is the skeletons.  You may chose the variety of poses and number of skeletons.  The main skeletons I created were: Drowning, the Helper, Tantrum, Escape and the Eater.  I randomly placed hands and body parts throughout the cake.  I just happened to have purple statice flowers for some color.

Make this cake for any occasion, everyone loves surprises.  Keep the skeletons and use again next year.  Best part of this cake is it's gluten free!

Lets get started!

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Step 1: Ingredients, quick overview and skeleton prep

Picture of Ingredients, quick overview and skeleton prep
skeleton preg.jpg
-1 box (12oz) gluten free rice krispies
-1 bag (24 oz) Jumbo Marshmallows
-6T butter
-4T canola oil
-3T cocoa powder
-1/2 chocolate chips (layers)
-3/4 cup mint chips

-1/2 -3/4 cup frosting
-1cup heavy cream
-8 oz bittersweet chocolate

Things you'll need
-8 to 10 mini skeletons
-super glue
-2  9inch pans
-round platter
-parchment paper
-cardboard circle
-thin rope/ribbon
-statice flowers (optional)

Tips and side notes before you start:
You can make the cake ahead of time and pour the ganache another day to save time.  

If you really don't have time to make them both, use a pre-made cake!  Or just make a pan of plan rice krispie bars.  The skeletons should work fine in regular frosting.  The skeletons need time for the glue to set.  Instead of waiting 2 hours, prepare them at night before you go to bed.  

I'm only going to give general instructions for the skeletons because these were the poses I chose.  Feel free to change the story and have fun with them!  

Skeleton Prep:
*I forgot to mention that it is very important to first wash and dry the skeletons.  Cheap plastics can be laced with tons of chemicals.  The super glue is not meant to be touching the frosting either.  I ended up removing the frosting that touched any of the skeletons.  You don't need to follow these instructions, just a healthy suggestion :)

I bought my skeletons from the dollar store, 4 to a pack.  Decide on a pose for your skeleton.  Always gently bend the limbs into the desired pose first to see how it will look.  Once you've figured out the pose, then add glue to the joints and tightly tape them into place.  Details are so important.  Be sure to bend each finger and check the pose before adding glue.

I used E6000 glue to make the joints stay where I bent them.  Any superglue will work.  Use tape to hold poses in place.  You will be using A LOT of tape.  It's much easier to get a bunch of strips ready in advance.  When you decide on a pose squeeze a tiny amount of glue in the area.  Heavily tape and support to maintain desired pose.  It's best to let them set overnight or for at least 3 hours.

Some poses will be more difficult than others.

 The Helper skeleton ended up being the most difficult.  It was hard, because it balanced on one knee.  The center of gravity was a little off so it ended up tipping even though the joints were correctly bent.  I ended up having to build the hill to make it work. 

The Eater skeleton- I bent the knees to 90 degrees first and taped them.  Then I flexed the hip joints forward and glued those.  Lastly, I crossed the ankles and taped and glued those.  I curled each finger and wrist and bend the elbows toward his mouth.

I also wanted to make it look like the skeletons were climbing out of the cake so I cut most of the Drowning's lower chest and body off.  That way it looked like he was really sinking into the cake.  

The Tantrum was more of an after thought.  I added him this morning after the ganache had already hardened.  I think it still works because you can see the details of his fists.  (This was inspired by my 23month old son:) )

Make the pose with all the details you can think of, details really make this cake.

rubyblaze14 months ago

awesome cake

Love this!!!! What an awesome idea! <3 <3 <3

eddevine5 months ago
I love your creativity
kimhill7 months ago
petiteallergrytreats (author) 8 months ago
Thanks! I saw a skeleton pirate ship on the Food Network years ago and always loved the "skeleton crew". I have a background in sports medicine, so I wanted to find a pre made skeleton that were anatomically correct (or pretty close). I found these and came up with a bunch of ideas. I had a lot of fun making this and it was delicious. Thank you for your votes!
Very creative! how did you come up with such an awesome cake theme? voted and favorited!
10141199378 months ago
I am a Chinese, I want to make friends with you
petiteallergrytreats (author)  10141199378 months ago
I love how cute and spooky this is - very creative.

I'd be a bit concerned about the toxicity of super glue and dollar store quality plastic/paint touching my food though (even after washing or curing)... It would take longer but I think this cake could be made with moulded candy instead of toys and be even better!

You could use chocolate or make sugar skeletons. 
I think kids and adults alike would have fun crunching on the bones.

Hi Alanna,
Thank you so much for your comment. I completely forgot to mention the cleaning part and removal. I've add a side note about cleaning and a picture with the skeletons removed.
My original inspiration was to create gum paste skeletons. The problem is I have no idea how to sculpt anything with and was afraid I couldn't achieve the poses I created here.
Love the links! Where were you when I needed theses? :)
Tiagix9 months ago
Nice cake
ahamid29 months ago
awesome cake!
jbass69 months ago
I love it!
ecsaul239 months ago
this is epically awesome!

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