Picture of Death Eater Mask
I've followed the Harry Potter wand instructable and was really happy with the results. I ended up making two wands, one is smaller and has a more natural look to it, like a wand that a non-death eater would own. The second one I used a larger piece of paper, so I ended up with a slightly thicker, longer wand. This one looks more manufactured, like a pureblood death eater would be proud to own.

I looked for instructions on how to make a death eater mask, but didn't find one that I liked. I mean the outcomes were great, I just wasn't getting into the process.

So I figured, "I have a lot of the things I need here, why not make one of my own?" So, I went to a craft store, picked up a couple of blank masks, quickly realized they had no way to put it on, bought some elastic, and here I am.
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Step 1: What You'll Need...

Picture of What You'll Need...
 The things you will need for this build are...

- White Mask ($4.99)
- Elastic Strips ($1.99)
- X-Acto Knife (Tool I already had)
- Paint Brushes ($2.99)
- Various Paints (I already had these)
  (I have brown and silver spray paint, black latex paint*, gold leaf pen, and clear acrylic sealer)

So not including things that are reusable (paint brushes, paint, etc.), the cost to make just one of these masks is $6.98. Not too bad.

Step 2: Alterations

Picture of Alterations
Like I said, the masks that I bought didn't have any way to keep it on your face. So in order for me to be able to attach the elastic strips I made three rectangular holes in my mask with an x-acto knife*. One at the crown of the forehead, and one next to each eye.
monkyDJ3 years ago
This is so cool
baterman4 years ago
can you just hand paint the whole thing instead ?
TheGeek1984 (author)  baterman4 years ago
Yes you can, I just used what I had.
thanks i used it at the new film it was cool
TheGeek1984 (author)  baterman4 years ago
Awesome! I'd like to see a pic, if that's alright, since they'll all be different.
splazem4 years ago
Nice! Great job.