I've followed the Harry Potter wand instructable and was really happy with the results. I ended up making two wands, one is smaller and has a more natural look to it, like a wand that a non-death eater would own. The second one I used a larger piece of paper, so I ended up with a slightly thicker, longer wand. This one looks more manufactured, like a pureblood death eater would be proud to own.

I looked for instructions on how to make a death eater mask, but didn't find one that I liked. I mean the outcomes were great, I just wasn't getting into the process.

So I figured, "I have a lot of the things I need here, why not make one of my own?" So, I went to a craft store, picked up a couple of blank masks, quickly realized they had no way to put it on, bought some elastic, and here I am.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

 The things you will need for this build are...

- White Mask ($4.99)
- Elastic Strips ($1.99)
- X-Acto Knife (Tool I already had)
- Paint Brushes ($2.99)
- Various Paints (I already had these)
  (I have brown and silver spray paint, black latex paint*, gold leaf pen, and clear acrylic sealer)

So not including things that are reusable (paint brushes, paint, etc.), the cost to make just one of these masks is $6.98. Not too bad.
This is so cool<br>
can you just hand paint the whole thing instead ? <br>
Yes you can, I just used what I had.
thanks i used it at the new film it was cool <br>
Awesome! I'd like to see a pic, if that's alright, since they'll all be different.
Nice! Great job.

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