Death Note Necklace





Introduction: Death Note Necklace

Step 1: Materials

-A black cardboard
-Printed picture of the death note writing
-Puzzle glue or clear nail polish (puzzle glue works better)
-White paper or cardboard
-a necklace chain

Step 2: Size

Decide what size you want it to be

Step 3: Coating

Coat the cover with nail polish or puzzle glue

Step 4: Second Cover

I add one more cover so that it would be stronger

Step 5: Pages

Cut pages as the same size as the notebook cover .You can use any paper you want .

Step 6: Print

Print out the death note writing .You can write it but it was really hard.

Step 7: Result

This is the result.Hope you enjoyed :)



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thanks a lot :)

Dude, Awesome!! Nobody really knows this show but it was freakin awesome. It's too bad they never finished the series, in english or subtitled.

What do you mean`s completed isn`t it?....Light dies at the end!

yeah he dies and there was this "unseen scene" thing in youtube you should see it :O

The bluray special right? It got a lot of extra cut scenes!

I know it was soo good! I wish i would last longer like other anime series :(