well, the title is kind of self explanatory. I used a key chain I had, and a bag's shoulder strap (is that how it's called?)

it was pretty easy to make, but hand sewing took me a while, because I'm not used to it. It's actually very confortable. I hope you like it. 

If you could make a tutorial on this i would be grateful.
I like this.<br /> How do you open it to get to the notebook?&nbsp; Unstrap through the buckle?&nbsp; Or is there a secret quick-release?<br />
Or is it just an accessory? <br />
Maybe it just looks cool
Exactly, unstrap. Buckle, huh? I just learned a new word! well, it would look better and would be easier to open if I used a button or something similar.<br /> <br /> I'm glad you liked it!<br />
NIce Job :)

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