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Introduction: Death Star DIY Paper Lantern

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Having a Star Wars party? Here's how to have your own Death Star Paper Lantern!


Glue, Scissors, Black Table Napkin, Black Permanent Marker & Printable Laser Circle

Step 1: Draw Your Death Star Pattern

Use your permanent marker to draw your pattern


You can use a pencil first then trace it later on.

Step 2: Cut Your Table Napkin According to the Shape of Your Patterns & Paste It

For an added effect, double or triple some areas/patterns. Cover all your drawings and tada! You now have your own Death Star Paper Lantern!!

Easy as 1,2,3!

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    This is a great idea for Star Wars Day. Paint a few others to represent other planets or the two suns of Tatooine from the series and hand them all over. Very nice.

    1 reply

    Thank you hegure_ryu! We love the idea. We would definitely update this and add other planets/suns too! :) Have a good day!

    you could add el wire behind the circle to simulate the attack mode. cool lantern, do you have any shots of it glowing

    1 reply

    Hello Raptor_Demon,

    Yes we do! We would be uploading pictures by tomorrow! :) and we would notify you! Thank you for sharing your idea about the el wire. It's something we are considering now.

    Have a good day!

    Haha, cool! I love those kinda lamps!
    Yesterday I watched SW IV again :P

    As a star wars fan, I LOVE THIS!!!

    Cute and simple - very smart :)

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!