Death Star Jack O' Lantern W/ Mini X-Wing Fighter





Introduction: Death Star Jack O' Lantern W/ Mini X-Wing Fighter

Just wanted to share my jack o lantern for this year. There are plenty of pumpkin carving instructions on the web so I'll save you the boring steps and give you this link to get started. I used two exact-o knives to carve this and it took about 4 hours.

The X-wing fighter is a mini Lego version that I just had to add.   I can almost hear "Gold Leader" in my head making his attack run on the death star.....Stay on target....stay on target !!!.



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    Awesome! I love the X-Wing addition! Many people did similar things to this when I first put up my Deathstar tutorial, but I haven't seen many ships added to Deathstars the last few years.


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    Thanks. I couldn't find the light brite for pumpkins anywhere, but I'll live. I was just looking at your site and it's amazing what you can do with a pumpkin. Makes me want to go carve another one.....