Picture of Death of Frosty
Snow day in Dunmore East. We never get snow, so it was a legitimate reason to skip college =P.

Made this in a friends garden. Used 2 tubs of ketchup, 1 Carrot, crime scene tape bought online, and obvious extras.

Disclaimer: lots of snow was harmed in the making of this snowman =D
:O well you should definatly read one sometime. Theres lots to choose from but i warn you that you wont be able to put it down :)
This reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs "the snowman house of torture" or the book "attack of thr deranged killer monster snow goons". Nice job
Kathy Lisa (author)  NVDevastator2 years ago
I've never read Calvin and Hobbs but those titles sound great haha thanks
Kathy Lisa (author) 2 years ago
haha i see what you mean actually, its like when hes hiding as a snowman in xmas town :)
Where's Hobbs? My wife and I were just talking about doing this yesterday once we get some snow.
mistyp2 years ago
Reminds me of the nightmare before christmas :-D The nightmare in January!