A deathmask is used to create masks and prosthetics for stage make up, that fit perfectly on your face. 

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:
  • plaster (gypsum) (1kg / 35oz)
  • alginate (½kg / 17oz) - can be bought on dental supply stores
  • plaster bandage
  • plastic film
  • a long piece of fabric
  • facial moisture or solid vaseline
  • a scissor
  • a spoon
  • two small bowls
  • a box ou plastic bowl with sand
  • water
  • a friend to help you 
<p>This is also an excellent way to immortalize your erect penis. I've made several of them to capture the many moods of my dude piston. Once dried, I paint them in wild colors or go for a realistic flesh tone or even in shades of negro. I give them as gifts. Also they make for a unique &quot;thank you&quot; note for a nice date or to a perspective employer after a great interview. Just a friendly tip.</p>
Not that it matters, but you never look the same lying down as standing up, due to gravity on the face, if you want to make a copy of your face, it wont be that accurate.
Is this the photo of a real person who has applied this mask or just a fake photo? I am not sure what the use of this mask is but I find it interesting. For a moment it reminded me my own death. Looking forward for some more items like this! <br>DbaiG <br>Bolee.com
The cover photo is the final replica of the face of a real (living) person, made of plaster. The replica itself is not used as a mask, but we model masks or prosthetics over it; that way, the masks/prosthetics will perfectly fit the face of the person. We are looking forward to teach this next step soon!
Happy is the uptime for we are ready to go, now making your own face is only these few steps away. How easy it must be! How easy for you, how easy for me! For once I shall be able to sustain a visage of my countenance for all to see,,,,for eternity! Yay Me!
Excellent instructable. Should have posted this a week before Halloween! One of these suitably made-up would look very scary looking out of the window. Easy-to-make scary stuff to put the willies up your rellies.
Nice, but it should be called a life mask ( real term) instead of a death mask.
Actually, death mask is a real term. They used to do this in the 1800's to 1900's to memorialize the deceased. The practice died out.
I think that is a perfectly good reason to call this a Life Mask.
:-D <br>
What if you have a beard/moustache?
You can use a little vasoline to coat the beard and or mustache. This will keep it from sticking too much
In this case, you must shave before starting.
I forgot to add, you can use drinking straws to make sure that air passages in the nose are clear. They won't mar the mask.
Do not use drinking straws. They bloat the nose and they can cause nosebleed which is not that much fun if you are covered in plaster.
You could cut them short (1&quot; or so) and insert them only into the lateral nasal process ( or about as far as most people could insert their index finger without physical discomfort, emotional discomfort notwithstanding).
But if the person is alive then it's called a life mask. Semantics only.

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