Deathstroke Mask





Introduction: Deathstroke Mask

Thank you for checking out my first instructables! if you have any questions comments or concerns let me know

Items you'll need

Iron man mask
Masking tape(lol mask-ing tape)
Black spray paint
Orange clay
Sand paper

Step 1: Sand Iron Man Mask

Any type of sandpaper will do. Sanding the mask will help the clay stick to the surface

Step 2: Apply Clay

I purchased clay from AC Moore for this step. The purpose is to cover all of the grooves in the iron man mask so it is smooth. I just went a little overboard It took me a few days to cover the whole mask and smooth out all of the clay. Make sure you give the clay time to dry before applying the next amount on top of it if you choose to do so

Step 3: More Clay

This was the trickiest part for this step reinforce the inside of the mask's right eye (left if you're looking at it) with tape... A lot of tape then apply the clay to the front of the mask be gentle and the tape should hold apply clay until the eye hole is no longer visible

Step 4: Taping

Tape the right side of the mask to the center of the mask start from the center strip of tape and center the tape as best as you can. After the first strip is done work your way out towards the edges of the right side of the mask Don't leave any creases or the paint will get in also just a word of advice tape around to the back of the mask so while your spray painting none of the spray paint gets on the inside of the mask

Step 5: Spraypaint

Leave the tape on and spray the untapped side of the mask with a few coats of spray paint and boom deathstroke

Step 6:

Thanks again for checking out my project!!!!



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Even though this was meant for Deathstroke, this has A LOT of potential to be so many different masks.

Thanks for the Instructable.

This is a good idea but doesn't the clay make the mask very heavy? Surely there is a better material to use?

of course you could put masking tape over it all and ise black spray paint and orange spray paint

A good step to add to this build would be to sand the clay smooth once it was dry.

We'll I used the proper amount of clay..and have properly functioning neck muscles and it wears just fine :) @mattie1559

Is this from Arrow? I don't really know the show very much.

Deathstroke made an appearance in Arrow, yes; but he is a villain within the DC Universe, and in the comics he has fought Batman numerous times as well.

Omg I love it!!