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Spring came early this year in North Central Iowa.  The bulb garden I planted last fall came up with a beautiful display of tulips and daffodils.

Around back the pink flowering almond put on a beautiful display backdrop for some daffodils.
<p>Thank you for sharing your garden. It is much like mine, only yours looks like it was actually planned. So beautiful! Mine is a mix mash of things at this point. The projects just keep growing and growing. Husband will retire in 2015 so he has a list ready to tackle! It really does never end :)</p>
Love what you have done, you are to be commended! I agree with you 100% in your gardening statements...the most fulfilling thing I have ever done...thanks for sharing.
I do not find gardening easy or relaxing, but it is rewarding. What my gardens need are some decorations like what you make! Deb

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