Step 2: The Blood

Fill the garden sprayer with a little bit of four, 6 bottles of red food coloring and about 2 1/2 gallons of water.

Mix it up, and you've got a ton of blood.
Is thge guy who gets his head chopped off nar willams from science of the movies?
I don't quite understand how to pull this off do you actually cut it or what?
Apparently. Watch the vid.
it seems so
That's kind of creepy
My head hurts.lol X_X
.....ha ha ha...nice
You feel that? It's me, humping your leg. This looks totally awesome.
that was nice vid, could use less laughing
You rock! I can't what to explode some heads! How does Maddness the movie sound! Death to all strofoam dummys!
The little clip of the effect would be a lot better without the canned laughter, but pretty great effect otherwise!
Sweet! I'm so gonna do this!
Awww man, thank you for this.... My first post, woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo
Oh. man.<br/><br/>Gotta try this.<br/><br/>I'm the kinda guy who sees scenes like that of &quot;Hot Fuzz&quot;(namely, where one guy gets <strong>demolished</strong> by a falling pointy brick), and laughs my ass off in awe, while pointing at the screen like a 3-year-old.<br/><br/>Have you ever tried a decapitation by explosion/gunshot effect? I saw a clip on MAD TV where a hardware salesman (played by Will Sasso), while showcasing a tool security system, inadvertently launches either a flare or 12 gauge round into his head. You can see where the video was cut off before a dummy was put in place of the actor, at which point the entire head blew up into nice, meaty chunks, spraying blood all over the room. <br/><br/>Yes, my jaw dropped at that too. :D<br/>
Hot Fuzz did that by filming the blood squirts on gree-screen and then editing them together. (Check your extras <sup>_-)</sup><br/>
Couldn't check extras, only time I saw the movie was in theaters. :D
Ah right, it is worth getting the DVD for the extras alone. There are quire a few tips and tricks for the special effects that they did for the moive.
That was one of the better head smashing, scratch that, head <strong>demolishing</strong> scenes I've seen yet. many other good gore effects throughout the film too :)<br/>
This is really hardcore!
one word: Holy crap! i should use this in my Film Perspectives class! my teacher's a hardass, she wouldnt know what hit her!
Awesome, you're posting cool stuff again! Awesome Instructable, keep up the great work!
YAY your back INDY MOGUL!!!

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