Step 5: Types of Decimals

This is called a repeating decimal it goes on forever repeating the same digits over and over.
ex: 0.66666...., 0.123123123..., 0.104710471047...
to simplify this number you have two options.
1)put a line over the repeating digits
2)round the decimal off

Another type of decimal is a terminating decimal.
A terminating decimal is a decimal that stops.
ex: 1/8 = 0.125, 1/50 =0.02, 1/32 = 0.03125

The third type of decimal is a irrational decimal.
An irrational decimal is one that does not terminate or repeat.
ex: pi, the square root of 2, any other non-perfect square roots
To simplify this number you can:
1) Round it off to whatever place you choose.
Very nice instructable, but I can think of a way to make it nicer. You mention repeating decimals, but you don't tell us how to convert a repeating decimal to a fraction.<br/><br/>All repeating fractions have (10<sup>n-1) for the denominator, and the repeating part for the numerator, where n is the length of the repeating part.</sup><br/>Example:<br/>0.12871287128712... = 1287/9999 = 13/101<br/>
Very nice instructable, and useful too. Very well explained.

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