Step 1: 1

Step 6:

Measure it with any thing that suits you

Step 9:

Cut loose slack off

Step 10:

Sorry do the inside first then do the outside so that they don't stick

Step 11:

You should have a over lapping part

Step 12:

Use something to keep the flap down I usually use Velcro but didn't have any more

Step 13:

This was my first instructable please tell me how I did. Thanks for looking at this project. I made a ton of them.
When I do things I only look at the pictures.
It's really for any thing. You could use it to hold stuff in or for cards of any sorts.
<p>you have got great pictures , but no explanation of what the deck box is for , why you made it or how giving more details helps make a more instructional Instructable , is the box for magic ? and a descriptive or odd title draws more attention </p>
Thx I got the duct tape at Walmart if you want it.
<p>I dig the Bacon tape....</p>

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