Deck the Walls!





Introduction: Deck the Walls!

Add some sparkle to your walls for Christmas!

You will need:
Picture frame(s)
Christmas ornaments
Dry Moss
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Prepare Your Frame

Any frame will do, remove glass (it's not needed for this project). Leave the back on the frame.

Step 2: Arrange Christmas Ornaments

I used a variety of shatterproof ornaments. They don't have to be tight fitting, you will fill in the space later.
Hot glue the ornaments to the backing of the frame. I placed the ornaments so the top (silver hanger) faces in different directions to add to the visual effect.

Step 3: Fill in the Gaps

Hot glue dry (craft) moss to the backing of the frame, filling in all the gaps.

Tinsel would also work if you want more sparkle.

Step 4: Hang 'Em

That's it... You're done!

Now you can sit back, have a glass of wine and marvel at how crafty you are!



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Questions & Answers


I'd love to see your project when you are finished!

This is great! I will be making this for next Christmas! I'm going to hit the "after Christmas clearance sales" tomorrow to get the shatterproof ornaments however I think I'll add a string or two of l.e.d. Xmas lights as well. Thanks for a great project!

Thanks! It's a really quick project too, which is nice during the busy holidays!

I love this idea! I always love how ornaments look together, but I hate putting bowls of ornaments around as decoration because they just take up valuable counter space and then our cats break everything, haha. This is a great alternative!