Picture of Deck Your Ukulele for Christmas
This time of year, ukulele clubs are playing songs about snow, wassail, silent nights, and mele kalikimaka. To add to the festivities, why not dress your uke for the season? This instructable gives you two ways to decorate your stringed companion: one which requires a bit of sewing, and one which requires none.
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Step 1: Ukulele Santa Hat, part 1

Picture of Ukulele Santa Hat, part 1
Each Santa hat requires the following materials:
  • scrap fabric, approximately 6"X6" for each hat
  • needle, thread
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • fabric adhesive or hot glue gun
  • feather or fur trim
  • white pom pom
The headstock on my Flea is 3" wide and 1/2" deep. Using these measurements, I folded the fabric right sides together and cut an elongated cone approximately 3" wide and 5-1/2" tall. With 1/4" seam sewn along the open side, the hat  became about 2-1/2" wide turned right side out. That should allow it to stretch to a snug fit on the headstock.

My fabric was a lightweight fake fur, but fleece or any textured knit should also work.

Step 2: Ukulele Santa Hat, part 2

Picture of Ukulele Santa Hat, part 2
Now add trim. I used a roll of white feather trim because the proportions seemed about right. Had I been able to find 1/2" white fur trim, I might have used that instead, but the feathers worked fine.

Glue the trim to the base of the hat, using either a hot glue gun or a fabric adhesive such as Fabri-Tac.

Next, glue the pom pom to the peak of the hat.

Step 3: Ukulele Santa Hat, part 3

Picture of Ukulele Santa Hat, part 3
The final step is to fold the hat over so the weight of the hat doesn't pull it off the headstock. For the cleanest look, add a dab of adhesive to the seamed side of the rim, fold the peak down, and press to secure.

As you can see, it takes little more effort to make several hats at once. These are going to the ukulele club Christmas party.
freeza362 years ago
This is awesome! If I had a wall hanger for my uke, I would totaly do this!
now my ukulele will be festive :3 this is a great idea, thanks for posting it! :D