How to Build a Deck - Wrap Around Porch Raised Deck and Under Deck Storage





Introduction: How to Build a Deck - Wrap Around Porch Raised Deck and Under Deck Storage

In 2009, we did a major house renovations. House has been built in 1952.

To restore a the country style, we decided to carry out a large covered deck that will wrap-around the house.

So, enjoy the beautiful view of the Saguenay River and Fjord, we also built a huge raised deck behind the property.

We built an under deck storage area too.

Detailed instructions : My Wrap around Porch

My guide and pictures: --->

My buildind projects steps:

Page 1 --- Demolition, installing ledger board ---
Page 2 --- Screw piles ---
Page 3 --- Deck framing - The joists ---
Page 4 --- Decking ---
Page 5 --- Stairs and deck Railings ---
Page 6 --- Finishing / Victorian style wrap-around deck ---

Cost: 20 000$ US
Duration: 1 summer and finishing time

Instructions en français (french instructions): Construire une Terrasse en bois



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This looks like such a big job! I'm so happy that it turned out so well for you guys! Not everyone is blessed to have that much space nor the ability and foresight to utilise their space as well as this though and I can only imagine how that walk around deck is going to bring joy to your family in the evenings when you stand out there! Not to mention all the additional storage underneath! You guys can close up your storage unit and bring your stuff home! Haha!

What a great deck! Makes extra space and will be awesome for the holidays! Love a decorated porch! Thanks!

Thank you, stain time ;)